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You likely know that cross-platform has many definitions. To us, cross-platform means an app is native on any device—with the right look, feel and functionality—but coded only once. It’s a powerful feat, and with the help of industry leaders like Xamarin and our own iFactr, ITR Mobility is able to do it like no other resource.

Rugged Modernization

From code migration and recompilation to telnet scraping, ITR Mobility has the experience to guide you down the path of legacy migration.  The apps we’ve worked on are at the core of multi-billion dollar corporations running critical line of business systems.

Telnet Modernization

Magically create beautiful experiences for legacy telnet green-screen infrastructure with blazing fast performance.  Keep your existing rugged handheld hardware or move to modern hardware.

Compact Modernization

Rapidly modernize existing Windows CE or Mobile apps with rich user experiences while reusing 60-85% of your existing code.  With modernization you can be assured that your apps are future proof.





Native apps should naturally have an exceptional feel and function—and we assure this with our UX Studio. In addition, we build in such a way that should you upgrade your OS or move cross-platform, the change is not only possible but easy.

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